We deliver accounting services to small and medium business owners, with a dose of genuine caring and education

The Elephant In The Room

How Much Does It Cost?

We know that our extra support and training takes more time and costs more than your standard vending-machine accounting, but the business outcomes and peace of mind that you get are definitely worth it.

Yes, you can pay a standard accountant to simply process your numbers for you once a year, but you will remain in the dark about what it all means and will never have the certainty that your day-to-day decisions about your business are the right ones.

You will have to rely on hope and trust: hoping and trusting that you are doing everything correctly, but never being 100% sure that the right decisions are being made for you and your business.

With our approach, you are learning and building your skills each day, so that you can confidently make better decisions for your business now and into the future.

Clear Expectations

What You Can Expect From Us

Knowledge and wisdom: We share what we know in a way that is easy to understand. We are always happy to answer questions and will explain your options and allow you to make the best call for you.

Accuracy: In a world where everyone is trying to change it up and do things differently it’s still important to get the fundamentals correct. We get the numbers right.

Open and honest communication: We encourage you to challenge our assumptions and recommendations just as we will challenge yours. You can always expect to get our honest opinion. In our experience frank, open discussions get the best results for everyone involved.

No (bad) surprises:  Our services are designed to be proactive and fixed-fee. You will always be well aware of timelines and obligations. The aim of this is to ensure you have plenty of warning of impending issues and you always know exactly how much our advice is going to cost beforehand. You will never get a surprise invoice from us.

Fast results: A key element of our ‘less stress’ approach to accounting services is faster job completion times. You won’t be waiting six months for us to finish a job!

Confidentiality: Our team understands the responsibility that comes from being a trusted part of your team and having access to your sensitive information. You can trust us to keep everything confidential.

100% Knows Accounting and What Will Help Me and My Business The Most

I found Phil just after I read Profit First and decided I wanted to use it for my business. I had also decided it was time to get serious about my accountant needs and stop settling for accountants that I saw for five minutes once a year and who I never felt really cared about my business.

I can say without a doubt that having Phil as my accountant grew my business and my profit. While I saw the value in the Profit First system, I know I wouldn’t have implemented it as efficiently without his help and guidance to customise it to my business. In fact, I likely wouldn’t have got to it at all.

When Phil helps me with my accounting needs, I can tell he 100% knows accounting and what will help me and my business the most. He is not just my accountant, he is someone I trust to give me the best advice, and he supports my business growth and really cares.

I can recommend Phil without hesitation to anyone who is serious about growing their profits and doing the best for their accounting.

Tenille Williams

Shared Goals

What We Expect From You

Trust: To help deliver the results you want we need you to be open and honest with us. We need the complete picture, the good and the bad and the seriously ugly, to do our best work. We can’t fix a problem until we know it exists.

Communication: Quite simply, we need access to you, to your team and to anyone else in the business who can help us achieve great results. We’re not an accounting firm you talk to once a year to get your tax return done.

Willingness to Learn and Adapt: Our approach to Accounting, Tax and Business Management is very different to most other accounting firms. For our system to work, we need you to be actively involved in the process and working with us to overcome any obstacles preventing your business from thriving.

Feedback: We need to know when things are going great and when they’re not. In exchange, we’ll let you know when there’s cause to celebrate or a challenge to overcome.

Do what you say you will: In any good working relationship both parties must be able to rely on each other. If we schedule a meeting, be on time. If you promise to provide information by a particular date, meet the deadline. That way we can help you succeed.

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