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The Untraditional Accountant


Phil Shepard

Founder and Chief Accountant

CA, BCom (Accounting & Finance)

If your idea of an accountant is someone in a suit who works in an over-styled office in a tall, glass-clad building in the centre of the city, then you haven’t met Phil.

Phil is different to most accountants on the block.

Phil was an entrepreneur from an early age. He started his first business at the age of nine when he took his bucket, sponge and push-bike and washed cars in the neighbourhood. The service became so popular that he employed his friends to help meet demand.

In his early teens Phil move onto managing multiple paper runs in his spare time before joining the family’s painting and decorating business at fourteen.

After High School, Phil moved to Scotland for a few years (hey, everyone makes mistakes), where he helped friends of his build small businesses in the transportation and security industries.

While he loved creating and building small businesses, he wanted to make a larger difference to more small businesses.

After returning to Australia, Phil hit the books at the Uni of Southern Queensland and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) in 2008.

Then followed a few years embedding his knowledge by working as a tax specialist in a major consulting firm and then a rapid start-up accounting firm.

During that time, Phil toyed with the idea of becoming a University lecturer as he loved teaching and mentoring.

He helped teach the classes he was enrolled in and taught his clients and colleagues about accounting and financials in the firms he worked with. However, as Phil enjoyed hands-on accounting and working with clients the most, he simply brings his love of teaching and educating into everything he does.

Phil’s Unique Approach

Phil’s accounting approach is one of a pragmatic coach, trusted colleague and sounding board that is at the end of the phone or email when you need him.

He never just runs the numbers. He always makes sure you understand what they mean and what your options are.

He is a virtual accountant which means faster and more considered responses and more effective results.

He only works in his home office Monday – Thursday.

Friday’s are his daddy-daughter days, and if a client needs a question answered urgently on Friday’s, they may find Phil answering while at the local park pushing his daughter, Melody, on the swing.

Phil walks his talk and lives his advice on how to create a lifestyle business.

The biggest difference with Phil as your accountant is that he genuinely cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed. He has been known to stay awake at night worrying about his client’s business situations trying to brainstorm ideas to help. He shouldn’t, but he does!

You see, he is an untraditional accountant and loves to work with untraditional small and medium-sized businesses to make them the best that they can be.

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