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We get to understand you and your industry, so we can confidently give you the right advice to help grow your business. Now’s the time to create the life you want, with the right balance in business and life.

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We mentor and share our knowledge.

out your lifestyle.

Helping you focus
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Giving back through education.

Passionate about teaching new skills.

Sharing expertise and knowledge.

We are a client and lifestyle centred virtual consultancy, providing financial care and management that makes a positive change to achieving business sustainability.

Really Understood What I Needed

I wanted to change the structure of my business and begin paying myself an income but didn’t know how to work it out using the Profit First System.

Phil really understood what I needed and what my business needed. Since working with Phil, I have become more mindful of money. I pay myself a weekly income, I don’t spend unnecessarily and rarely use my credit card now.

Phil makes accounting fun and simple. Call Panic Atax. You won’t regret it!

Elizabeth Cessario ‧ Natural Therapist

Approachable and Proactive

We chose Phil to be our accountant because he is very personable, easy to work with, great with tax, and values small businesses.

We came from an accounting firm where all they were concerned about was charging lots of money for not much service. It was an expensive “one-size fits all” approach, with much of their actual accounting work being done offshore, to minimise their expenses.

Our experience with Panic Atax has been very positive. Phil is very approachable and proactive. He understands and values small businesses. We feel well supported and tax time always goes really smoothly.

I love that if I ever have any questions about our accounting software, Phil is always happy to help.

I’d recommend Panic Atax to anyone looking for a dedicated accountant who understands both small and large businesses. Phil designs accounting packages individually and does not have a “cookie-cutter” approach to how he does business.

You’re in good hands with Panic Atax. You’ll feel supported during the year, and at tax time everything will go smoothly with no unwelcome surprises. I whole-heartedly recommend Panic Atax.

Suzanne Dawson ‧ Occupational Therapist

100% Knows Accounting and What Will Help Me and My Business The Most

I found Phil just after I read Profit First and decided I wanted to use it for my business. I had also decided it was time to get serious about my accountant needs and stop settling for accountants that I saw for five minutes once a year and who I never felt really cared about my business.

I can say without a doubt that having Phil as my accountant grew my business and my profit. While I saw the value in the Profit First system, I know I wouldn’t have implemented it as efficiently without his help and guidance to customise it to my business. In fact, I likely wouldn’t have got to it at all.

When Phil helps me with my accounting needs, I can tell he 100% knows accounting and what will help me and my business the most. He is not just my accountant, he is someone I trust to give me the best advice, and he supports my business growth and really cares.

I can recommend Phil without hesitation to anyone who is serious about growing their profits and doing the best for their accounting.

Tenille Williams ‧ Dog Trainer

Insight. Attitude. Innovation.

I’d had two accountants in the previous five years. At the two previous firms, I never felt like my file was anything other than just another number, and no effort seemed to be put into my return other than the bare minimum.

I never had the sense that the accountant understood my business, cared, or was looking at ways to help me. Their firms were ‘old school’, and this was as far from what I was trying to do with my company as possible.

I was looking for a profit first accountant and Phil was recommended to me by a friend.

From the first meeting with Phil, I knew that Panic Atax would be different. He understood what I was trying to do with my company and had excellent insight into how to execute.

Every conversation that I’ve had with Phil I always leave feeling great. With my previous accountants, I’d feel overwhelmed (and underwhelmed if that’s even possible) … I dreaded it.

The insight, attitude, innovation on the deliverance of the Panic Atax services are a real stand out. It’s all efficient and makes so much sense. Phil’s so knowledgeable in what he does.

If you feel the need to drive into the city and sit in a fancy overpriced office to talk to your accountant, Panic Atax isn’t that. There’s no fluff; you’re paying for the expertise and service delivered to you as directly as possible.

I’d recommend Panic Atax to anyone not wanting the same old accountant that likes to lecture you about what you need to be doing but offers no suggestions as to how to execute.

Ryan Thwaites ‧ Google Ads Consultant

Now My Record Keeping is Simple

Twelve months ago, all my business record keeping was done in a big green ledger book, and our office had drawers full of old tax receipts that were growing by the day. It would take us days to get the information organised to the BAS each quarter.

Panic Atax came in and implemented some great software packages. Now my record keeping is as simple as taking photos on my iPhone and working in Xero.

Everything is saved electronically, so the drawers aren’t used anymore!

Steve Shephard ‧ Painter

One of the Best Investments in Our Company

Hiring Panic Atax as our accounting Go-To person was the BEST thing that happened to our business.

Boy did we go through some hard knocks with other accounting ‘professionals’ who seemed like they knew what they were doing but ended up with a bigger tax bill than necessary, not to mention the lack of personal interest in us.

We reached out to Phil to not only find a human that cares on the other side of the phone, but someone who understands our business direction especially with the Profit First mentality we’d adopted.

The results we got working closely with Phil were second-to-none.

Knowing that Panic Atax has our back is one of the best investments in our company. Every time we talk with Phil, we learn something new – he is a wealth of up-to-date knowledge (unlike most accounting firms).

The best part, with our busy lifestyle, is that Phil works remotely with us, no need to get in the car and go anywhere. He is only a phone call away. What more can we say, but a huge THANKS for taking us under your wing!

Tara & Russell ‧ Camel Behaviourist

Our Finances Are In Good Hands

We were looking for an accountant that was trustworthy, and that would help us understand tax without charging us for every question we had. We have had issues with people not answering simple questions without an appointment, and then once an appointment was made, making the process confusing.

Panic Atax came highly recommended, so we joined Panic Atax both personally and then later for our small business.

The process was simple and easy, and Phil always is happy to answer any question no matter how small. We feel comfortable and happy that our finances are in good hands with someone we can trust.

We were able to set up our business with ease and also get our tax done in a very timely manner without any hassle over email. We love that we can get answers over email and things done very quickly for our small business.

We also like that we feel like valued clients no matter how small our business is.

Panic Atax can be trusted to do a thorough and fast job without ripping you off. We love working with Panic Atax and will be clients well into the future.

Emily Dalamaras ‧ Fashion Designer

Customer Centric

I have had the pleasure to work with Phil Shephard now on various businesses. I have found Phil articulate, well organised, with exceptional time management, attention to detail, customer focused, highly trustworthy and most importantly approachable.

Phil is customer centric and goes above and beyond to listen to his clients concerns and produce practical solutions. Above all, Phil is approachable, he is the kind of accountant you can look forward to meet with over a coffee. He understands the importance of explaining taxation planning and strategy in everyday language that doesn’t make his client’s eyes glaze over.

The financial world is fast moving with technology advancements, making Phil an enormous asset as a member of your financial can do team of specialists. Phil can provide you with fresh innovative ideas and strategies to overcome taxation obstacles and difficulties.

Amanda Hoffman ‧ Bookkeeper

Profit First Methodology Has Been a Godsend

As a website designer, I’ve been helping health professionals and service providers – since 2000.

My previous accountants were very hands-off when it came to planning and communicating with me, apart from their annual newsletter that told me it was ‘tax season’, and their bill, I just never heard from them. The final straw was a GIANT tax bill I was left to deal with alone. I feel like we should have been planning for something this dramatic.

I never really knew if my family and I would have enough money ‘left over’ to survive each month. GST and Tax planning wasn’t on my radar. Ever. As the sole breadwinner for my family, planning is everything! As a small business owner, planning is ESSENTIAL!

We now PLAN, everything! All financial activities have been proposed, discussed, planned, implemented, refined, adjusted, tweaked and improved upon, every time we speak. We speak as often as I need too. (PLUS at least quarterly now that things are ticking along) Which is almost 4x as often as I spoke to the previous crew!

I now have a plan for every dollar that enters my business. The Profit First methodology has been a godsend. Everything has a place now. I’ve ever created a little spreadsheet to do all the calculations for me. (Which I also use for pricing my new services and projects too). Profit First has become a part of my life and business!

Book a call with Phil, and if you’re a good fit for each other, do EVERYTHING he says! He’s been a brilliant + profitable addition to my business success. Get help to implement Profit First – then work the system – and you’ll be rewarded with the lifestyle your business was always supposed to deliver to you and your family.

Fiona Fell ‧ WordPress Website Designer

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