We help you to create a successful lifestyle business, where you easily and confidently manage your financial future.

Why Us

Accounting + Education = Confidence

While we are brilliantly competent and efficient hands-on accountants for your business, we are more than just number crunchers.

We are accountants that support you throughout the year (and not just at tax time).

We educate and help you to understand your financials so you can make more informed decisions.

We know what your business needs and always look for ways to help you grow.

We help you have a life while building your business.

In a nutshell – we care about you and making your business the best that it can be.

Old-School Is History

Not All Accountants Are Alike

Are you tired of accountants that take months to process the simplest of returns, or who charge by the minute when you have a question?

Have you been burned by massive, unexpected tax bills or been too afraid to lodge your return for fear of what may happen?

Do you feel like you are just another pile of numbers to your accountant, and leave after seeing them once a year feeling confused, anxious, or overwhelmed?

Are you accumulating debt faster and faster and want to get out of the trap of always just scraping by no matter your turnover?

Do you secretly wonder if you could get on top of your business finances once and for all if someone just took the time to explain the why and the how, rather than just giving you a list of things you have to do?

We Are Different

We Build Confident Business Owners

We are the ultimate in no-nasty-surprises accountants and work with you, so you can confidently plan for what is heading your way, while comfortably leaving enough for you to take care of what’s truly important: your family and your dreams.

We care about you, your goals and your business and work to help you get there.

Our Style

An Informative, Proactive Approach

Our approach is accounting with a solid dose of education and fun. Working with us, you learn and understand what each of the numbers in your business actually means, while turning the fear and seriousness around money into confidence and enjoyment.

We help you be as confident with your financials as you are with the rest of your business.

Positive Outcomes

Delivering Results

Through cutting-edge systems including the Profit First process, and a stack of real-world experience and know-how, we guide you through the process of building a sustainable, profitable business that helps you achieve your life goals.

We help you get results because we believe that what you do matters!

One of the Best Investments in Our Company

Hiring Panic Atax as our accounting Go-To person was the BEST thing that happened to our business.

Boy did we go through some hard knocks with other accounting ‘professionals’ who seemed like they knew what they were doing but ended up with a bigger tax bill than necessary, not to mention the lack of personal interest in us.

We reached out to Phil to not only find a human that cares on the other side of the phone, but someone who understands our business direction especially with the Profit First mentality we’d adopted.

The results we got working closely with Phil were second-to-none.

Knowing that Panic Atax has our back is one of the best investments in our company. Every time we talk with Phil, we learn something new – he is a wealth of up-to-date knowledge (unlike most accounting firms).

The best part, with our busy lifestyle, is that Phil works remotely with us, no need to get in the car and go anywhere. He is only a phone call away. What more can we say, but a huge THANKS for taking us under your wing!”

Tara & Russell

How Can We Help You?


Profit First Accounting

We are certified and experienced Australian Profit First accountants with the know-how to radically transform the profitability of your business.

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General Accounting

Traditional accounting and tax services delivered in a very unconventional way. We ensure your tax time is smooth with no unwelcome surprises.

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Business Coaching & Advice

We help you understand the numbers that drive every part of your business, so you can make more effective and informed business decisions.

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Second Opinion

Do you feel like something just isn’t right? Your accountant gave you your business tax return, and the tax bill seems too high? Get a second opinion.

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