Last Night Guns N’ Roses played Brisbane for the first time to kick off the Australian leg of their ‘Not In This Lifetime Tour’. It was a sensational show for everyone who attended, lifelong fans and recent converts alike.

While watching the guys do what they do best I looked on in awe at what was achieved on the stage with the right formula. Most longtime fans never expected to see the original band come together again after their highly publicised split. After which Axl Rose continued with Guns N’ Roses while other prominent band members moved on to other projects. No single project that resulted from the split was anywhere near as successful as the original Guns N’ Roses itself. For me that says a lot about the power of building the right team and delivering a product your target market really wants to buy.


Your Team: Build a line-up like Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses without Slash on Guitar just wasn’t Guns N’ Roses anymore, despite the name on the banner above the stage. That is an undeniable fact that even Axl Rose couldn’t deny, despite trying to continue the band for nearly two decades after the split. In business it is equally important to have the right people playing the various roles in your organisation. Not just individuals who are competent enough to do the job, but incredibly talented individuals who are clearly ‘right’ for the job. Team members who come together to form something that is bigger than any one person with the ability to impact their customers in a way no single member of the team could have done alone. Remember, millions of people play guitar really well…but there is only one Slash!


Your Product: Does it rock your market space?

Are you drawn to your favourite band because of their music? The lifestyle/persona the band creates around the members? Or maybe you love the atmosphere of a great stadium show? Either way it is clear that bands like Guns N’ Roses have a product that withstands the test of time. I sat in QSAC stadium last night with nearly 50,000 people enjoying songs released by the band decades ago which are as popular now as they were back then. The band members had each tried to go in their own direction and deliver new products to their market but ultimately returning to the original product, the original formula, truly gave the customers what they wanted.

What I take away from that is our constant focus on ‘the next big thing’ is potentially short sighted. We could be drifting away from the core products and services our customers want while we look for something new. I understand that innovation is important. Rarely is a true leap forward made on the back of customer feedback alone. However, different just for the sake of being different is ridiculous. If your new product doesn’t deliver what your customers want there is nothing wrong with taking a step back. Remember, there was a time when Coke changed their formula just to make something new and we all know how that turned out!


Not a Guns N’ Roses Fan?

You may not be a Guns N’ Roses fan and that is fine….

Ok, maybe it’s not fine but we can move past it! Change the names and the faces but the concept is the same. Build a great team and give them a phenomenal product to take to market and you’ll be Rockin’ your market space in no time.

As a huge music fan myself I’d love to hear your thoughts on what small business owners can learn from watching the biggest acts in the world.

More interested in the Concert itself? Here you go!

Photo by Katarina Benzova – Great Shot!