We help you to know, understand and leverage the numbers in your business to help you drive your bottom line profit.

Business Advisory Services

How We Can Help

We can assist you with a full range of business advisory services and evidence-based business coaching.

Business Coaching and Advice Services including:

  • Business Coaching
  • Business planning and modelling
  • Succession and exit planning
  • Business process mapping and improvement
  • Cashflow forecasting and analysis
  • Benchmarking comparison

Insight. Attitude. Innovation.

I’d had two accountants in the previous five years. At the two previous firms, I never felt like my file was anything other than just another number, and no effort seemed to be put into my return other than the bare minimum.

I never had the sense that the accountant understood my business, cared, or was looking at ways to help me. Their firms were ‘old school’, and this was as far from what I was trying to do with my company as possible.

I was looking for a profit first accountant and Phil was recommended to me by a friend.

From the first meeting with Phil, I knew that Panic Atax would be different. He understood what I was trying to do with my company and had excellent insight into how to execute.

Every conversation that I’ve had with Phil I always leave feeling great. With my previous accountants, I’d feel overwhelmed (and underwhelmed if that’s even possible) … I dreaded it.

The insight, attitude, innovation on the deliverance of the Panic Atax services are a real stand out. It’s all efficient and makes so much sense. Phil’s so knowledgeable in what he does.

If you feel the need to drive into the city and sit in a fancy overpriced office to talk to your accountant, Panic Atax isn’t that. There’s no fluff; you’re paying for the expertise and service delivered to you as directly as possible.

I’d recommend Panic Atax to anyone not wanting the same old accountant that likes to lecture you about what you need to be doing but offers no suggestions as to how to execute.

Ryan Thwaites

Our Process

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Working with us is easy.

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Book a virtual coffee call with our team to see if we are a good fit for your business.

2. Our Plan

If you are happy we are a match, we will put together a tailored coaching plan to assist you take your business to the next level.

3. Plan Implementation

Ready to go? We will work together to put your plan into action.

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