#laptoplife is here to stay. We’ve all seen the Facebook and Instagram images of friends running their business from beside a pool or overlooking the beach. However, my Laptop Life destination of choice is actually Netflix. I love binge watching TV and i do some of my best work at home with Netflix streaming in the background. I’m watching season 4 of Grimm right now!

I know productivity experts will tell you to avoid TV until you’ve completed your work for the day. It’s your life and your business so i say do whatever suits you! Personally, i like to have my cake and eat it too! Here are a few projects you can work on while binge watching your favourite TV shows on Netflix. Lets prove the productivity experts wrong!

Create content

Things to do to help your small business while watching Netflix - Create content

In the digital age content is king. if you have the budget you can spend a fortune driving traffic to your website through various advertising platforms. For me, nothing beats organic traffic lured to your site via well written, valuable content. While your sitting on the couch with your feet up watching TV take the opportunity to plan and create content for your market. I’ve seen small business owners create a months worth of blog material during a 6 hour Netflix binge session. That’s productive!


Scheduling your social media content

Things to do to help your small business while watching Netflix - Schedule Content

Writing great content is only part of the battle. You need to share it with the world in order to engage with your audience. Remembering to share your content at the appropriate times during the week can be difficult. Thankfully tools like <a href=”https://buffer.com/”>Buffer</a> can make sharing your content at the right time a whole lot easier! Simply load up your content for the week/month and let Buffer post to your social media platforms for you. – Note, this is not a sales post for Buffer, there are loads of competitors on the market!


Improve your Product and Sales pages

Lets be honest here – a lot of small business owners built their website because everyone said “your business must have a website”. In the Google age i’m certainly not disagreeing with that advice but simply having a website isn’t enough. If your domain name leads would-be customers to a glorified online brochure it’s time to review and adjust. If a page on your site is intended to sell a product or service it needs to ‘sell’ rather than merely ‘describe’? A good product page needs more than one or two lines of copy and a photo. It should drill down into the real benefits the product is offering to your ideal customers.


Update your About page

Your business is constantly evolving and every day you acquire new skills, knowledge and experience your customers should know about. When was the last time you updated your ‘About’ page to reflect these changes? Do it now, while Kevin Spacey is scheming his way into the White House on House of Cards in the background. if your About page doesn’t sell you and everything you’re capable of you’re doing your business a disservice.


Review your pricing

Things to do to help your small business while watching Netflix - Review Prices

Pricing is a complex process and i’m not suggesting you should change all of our prices on a whim while watching TV. However, take the opportunity to review what your competitors are charging for similar products and services. Time spent researching your competitors is never a waste, its a crucial element of understanding your market. Large supermarket chains send employees to physically walk the isles of their local competitors and price match particular items.


Check your inventory health

If you run an inventory based business reviewing the rate at which your stock is moving and/or accumulating is absolutely crucial. Shifting redundant stock before you end up getting stuck with it can mean the difference between success and failure. While you’re relaxing on the couch take a moment to review your stock levels and the rate at which each item is selling  Most inventory systems will have a report you can generate to show this information. If you sell through Amazon (FBA) they have a report specially designed to help sellers monitor stock movement.


Do you have other productive, business related things you complete while watching Netflix? let us know!